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  • History

    Our government moved the Taiwan since the 38th year of the Republic of China, because the country is in the turmoil, fire control work everything is waiting to be taken up. All police offices of counties and cities at that time, although there is name of the fire brigade, but the section chiefs of security personnel of police office held the team leader concurrently, the team hold concurrently by the staff who undertakes fire control business. Only hold the calamity rescue work of the passivity simply in whole fire control business. The execution of the duty are dependent on every non-governmental village and town organized, the brave fire control of the justice mostly.

    All counties and cities just established the police team of fire control formally in the police office until the 47th year of the Republic of China, setting up to the team leader and full-time staff, the fire control elements of all villages and towns change into fire control police's element, including in the establishment of the police office formally, so far the fire control begins to step into fire business. Fire fighter department by every township, town, city common to used fire fighters in accordance with their speciality and reallocate them to every fire control unit to serve, after that, was admitted the first group of fire fighters by examination formally by the police service place formerly until 56th year of the Republic of China.

    Police office have one more unit in the 57th year of the Republic of China, the fire control police team established in Chiayi county formally, the first team leader is Mr. Huang Guang Hui; The office block of fire brigade located in No. 195 Zhongshan Road, Chiayi city, namely the right side of the police office in the 58th year of the Republic of China. The second team leader take over by Tu Xiao Chun in the 62th year of the republic of china. The third team leader is Mr.Wu Shi Xian in 65th year , Chiayi reforms system for the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government on July 1, 71th year of the Republic of China, the Chiayi fire control police team of police office of counties and cities still handle official affairs jointly. Mr. Zhang Bo Qing became the 4th team leader in 74th year, took over the 5th team leader's post from Mr.Lim Lau Ye in 76th year.

    The central authorities, in order to perfect the fire control system, the 2204th conference, the executive points out that ” the fire control business should be divide from the policing system in principle” on October 18, 79th year of Republic of China.

    Because the police offices of counties and cities of Chiayi assigned to the handled official business in February of the 81st year of the Republic of China, Mr. Lim Lau Ye retain the post of Chiayi city police office team leader in police of fire control, former vice captain Mr.Xie Sin Yong shift as police office team leader of police of fire control in Chiayi county, it is 114 people to organize and budget, the business address is No.3, E. Sec., Sianghe 1st Rd., Taibao City, Chiayi County 612, Taiwan (R.O.C.), lie in the right side of the office block of police office in the county.

    The executive Yuan resolves when examine " prospectus of Fire Service Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs " on January 17 of 83 years, are divide into Fire Service Department, province (city) in Ministry of Internal Affairs Divided into the fire control place (office) , county ( city) to set up bureau of fire protection in government, in order to perfecting calamity of our country rescuing system and ability. The preparatory department of Fire Service Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs is established on July 16, 83 year. The Fire Service Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs was established formally on March 1, 84 year; The fire control of Taiwan Provincial Government is in January 6, 86 and established, the parliament of Taiwan Province, through all bureaus of fire protection of counties and cities of Taiwan Province organize rules criterion on October 6, 86 year.

    According to Taiwan Provincial Government on April 14 year 87, No.31253, 87 Fu Ren Yi Zhi order stipulate for Taiwan Province counties and cities bureau of fire protection organize rules criterion, and publish on April 13 No.148196, 87 Fu Ren Yi Zhi. authorize “Taiwan Province, bureau of fire protection of counties and cities, set up criterion” (publish on provincial government communique in summer of 10 and 18 period) Regulation and handle office organize rules draft and organization table form sign by office, verify on May 6, 87 year; And approve by meeting motion on county on April, 88 year, and through the county parliament (Chiayi 14 word letters of No. 0380 on June 1, 88 year) the 14th the 3rd time police policy type ( Fire control) join examine No.4 case consider to approve, and came into effect since July 1, 88 year.

    “bureau of fire protection, county of Chiayi, “ establish formally On July 1 88 year, and Ministry of Internal Affairs Fire Service Department former director general Mr.Chen Hong Yi and head of county Mr. Li YaJing to unveiling ceremony jointly, and hold the first chief Mr. Xie Xin Yong present ceremony in the county office auditorium, the deputy bureau director is Jiang GuoJun; The bureau of fire protection puts the chief, deputy director, secretary ; divided into five sections including calamity prevent section, calamity rescue section, urgent rescue section, fire investigation section, and education and training section. Four offices including personnel office, administration office, accounting office, and ethics office, and one center called provide disaster relief and give first aid command center , In addition, three battalions of work done outside, 19 subsections, organize personnel is 393 peoples, still in original office(Fire brigade of police office). continue handling official business, and the new office block is to be positive planning.

    The newly-built building is completed on January 2, 90 year, move to a better place in new address (No.6, E. Sec., Sianghe 2nd Rd., Taibao City, Chiayi County 612, Taiwan (R.O.C.) continue serving the people.

    Set up supervisor's office on August 1, 90 year, supervised the matters and affairs.

    Set up the calamity and managed lesson, handling the calamity emergency center and relevant business of Chiayi county on March 1, 93 year.